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Snow by Tatsumi Shimura (1907 - 1980)

Original Tatsumi Shimura (1907 - 1980) Japanese Woodblock Print

Comments - Attractive portrait of a beauty standing in front of a plum tree blanketed with heavy snow. She holds her fingertips together before her as she looks down, a faint smile on her face. Her hair is pulled softly back into a smooth bun adorned with hairpins, a translucent comb, and a ribbon. From a numbered limited edition published by Yuyudo. The first time we've offered this lovely modern design in an extra-large format.

Publisher - Yuyudo, with seal in lower left margin
Numbered - 378/450 in pencil in bottom left margin

Artist - Tatsumi Shimura (1907 - 1980)

Image Size - 14 12" x 17 5/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent color and detail. Light wrinkle at edge, margin only. Very good overall.

Snow by Tatsumi Shimura (1907 - 1980)
Snow by Tatsumi Shimura (1907 - 1980)