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Ultimate Clearance - $14.50! by Otani Kozui (1876 - 1948) and Otani Sonyu (1886 - 1939)

Original Otani Kozui (1876 - 1948) and Otani Sonyu (1886 - 1939) Japanese Woodblock Print
Ultimate Clearance - $14.50!

Series; Gozan sosui

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Gozan sosui - Otani Kozui was a Buddhist leader and explorer who led three expeditions to Central Asia between 1902 and 1914 to explore Buddhist sites. His brother, Otani Sonyu, traveled with him during his trips. Published by Bun'endo in 1921, the series "Gozan sosui" features woodblock prints based on sketches made during a trip to Shanghai, China, and the surrounding area. The word "gozan" translates as "Five Mountains," a term that refers to Buddhist monasteries that were located on mountains in medieval China and Japan. Sketch tour books depicting travelers and scenic views became popular in Japan in the early 20th century, and these prints fit nicely into that genre. These lovely designs are rendered in a painterly fashion with soft colors and handsome calligraphic linework, giving them the appearance of watercolor paintings. The first time we've seen designs from this attractive series.

Artist - Otani Kozui (1876 - 1948) and Otani Sonyu (1886 - 1939)

Image Size - 5" x 10 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with nice color and detail as shown. Spotting throughout. Backed with paper. Please see photos for details.

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Ultimate Clearance - $14.50! by Otani Kozui (1876 - 1948) and Otani Sonyu (1886 - 1939)
Ultimate Clearance - $14.50! by Otani Kozui (1876 - 1948) and Otani Sonyu (1886 - 1939)