Kagekiyo, 1952

by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

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Kagekiyo, 1952 by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

Original Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970) Japanese Woodblock Print
Kagekiyo, 1952

Series; The Eighteen Kabuki Plays (Kabuki Juhachiban)

Kagekiyo, 1952 - Fantastic kabuki portrait of the Taira general Kagekiyo breaking out of the cell in which he has been imprisoned by the Minamoto. He grips a wooden beam against his shoulder, grimacing fiercely, his eyes bulging and his brows furrowed. She wears a brocade robe over a suit of armor, his hair elaborately styled with wings along the side and atop his head, and longer locks falling over his shoulders. An incredibly expressive image capturing the intensity of the actor in this dramatic role. Beautifully detailed with simulated wood grain on the beam and burnishing on the hair. A real shin-hanga kabuki masterwork by Tadamasa Ueno.

Publisher - Daireisha

Artist - Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

Image Size - 15" x 9 5/8" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Wrinkle and slight creasing at edges. Slight rippling at top and bottom from printing process. Please see photos for details.

Kagekiyo, 1952 by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)
Kagekiyo, 1952 by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

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