Dragon 5, 1993

by Hajime Namiki (born 1947)

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Dragon 5, 1993 by Hajime Namiki (born 1947)

Original Hajime Namiki (born 1947) Japanese Woodblock Print
Dragon 5, 1993

A Contemporary Master - Hajime Namiki was born in 1947 in Tokyo. Although originally trained as a sculptor, he began making wood block prints in 1978. He carves his own blocks and prints each work using traditional methods. His beautiful designs are printed on a gold or silver leaf laid over hand-made Torinoko (literally hen's egg) paper, using oil-based pigments.

Namiki's most famous and striking subjects are his nature scenes. Fascinated by trees, he has masterfully captured their majesty and beauty in a modern style. His prints are released in strictly limited editions, with the artist's signature, title, number, and date in  pencil in the margin.

At Fuji Arts, we are happy to be carrying Namiki’s beautiful prints as part of our extended contemporary collection on the Fuji Arts website. Through our extensive ties in the woodblock print field, we are selling some of Namiki’s most sought-after designs. Over the last 50 years, there are countless examples of artists whose prints were once quite attainable but prices have soared as time passed. At Fuji Arts, we think that Namiki’s prints are an excellent opportunity for investment and will likely see values increasing significantly over time. Consider Namiki for your collection, they are incredible contemporary limited edition prints at an affordable price.

Signed - in pencil in margin, including title and date
Numbered, Limited Edition - 497/1000

Artist - Hajime Namiki (born 1947)

Image Size - 4" x 13 1/2" + margins as shown

Condition - In pristine condition with no issues to report. This print with full margins and has never been mounted.

Dragon 5, 1993 by Hajime Namiki (born 1947)
Dragon 5, 1993 by Hajime Namiki (born 1947)