Snake and Green Lizard

by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

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Snake and Green Lizard by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Utamaro (1750 - 1806) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Snake and Green Lizard

Series; Picture Book of Selected Insects (Ehon mushi erami)

Utamaro's Picture Book of Selected Insects - A fantastic series by Utamaro depicting pairings of various insects, with a kyoka (or humorous poem) relating to each creature. Some prints including touches of shimmering mica or metallic pigment. A charming group, faithfully reproduced with delicate line work, that would be perfect for collecting or decoration - bid or buy now!

Translation of Poems -

The letter being sent is like a coiled snake and my passion is as long as the snake.

Jealousy is almost the same as a green lizard that crawls on the rotten leaves.

Woodblock reprints - In the 20th century, artists and publishers collaborated to recreate famous woodblock prints for interested Japanese collectors and Westerners looking for rare designs. New blocks were made, and the prints were painstakingly printed by artisan printers in the same method as the 19th century originals - one block for each color. Woodblock reprints were an opportunity to collect and enjoy a famous design at a small fraction of the price of an original. They still are today.

Artist - Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Image Size - 8 5/8" x 12 5/8" + margins as shown

Condition - With excellent color and detail as shown. Please see photos for details. Good overall.

Snake and Green Lizard by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)
Snake and Green Lizard by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)