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Portrait Ex-libris by Shin-hanga & Modern artist (not read)

Original Shin-hanga & Modern artist (not read) Japanese Woodblock Print
Portrait Ex-libris

Ex-libris Woodblocks - Charming design from a group of sosaku hanga bookplates or ex-libris (Latin for "from the library of") by a variety of artists. Pasted into the front of books to indicate ownership, these small format bookplates feature a wide variety of subjects, including landscapes, figures, flowers, objects, and animals. A few designs have pencil signatures. Many famous sosaku hanga artists have created ex-libris prints, including Azechi Umetaro, Hiratsuka Unichi, and Kawakami Sumio. Founded in 1943, the "Nippon Exlibris Association" actively promotes this genre of miniature woodblock, publishing newsletters and an annual calendar featuring works by its members. A fun and unusual collectible, rarely seen outside Japan.

Artist - Shin-hanga & Modern artist (not read)

Image Size - 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Printed on thin speckled paper. Slight curling. Please see photos for details. Nice condition overall.

Portrait Ex-libris by Shin-hanga & Modern artist (not read)
Portrait Ex-libris by Shin-hanga & Modern artist (not read)