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Oji by Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861)

Original Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861) Japanese Woodblock Print

Series; Famous Views of Edo Selected for the Twelve Months, 1852

Oji - Fine kabuki portrait of Ichikawa Danjuro VIII in the role of Kosan no Kingoro in the dance drama "Shinyoshiwara Suzume" or "Sparrows of the New Yoshiwara." The play tells the story of two sparrow sellers in the Yoshiwara entertainment district. Here, Kingoro pauses with an ornate pipe in his hand to look over his shoulder. He wears a rose and blue kimono patterned with fish and waves under white plaid, a white towel wrapped around his neck. The inset above shows the shrine at Oji, the grounds crowded with visitors. A pilgrim stands under the rushing water of a pool at right under towering pine trees. A handsome design with soft shading and fine detail in the hair. A great design from a rare series.

Artist - Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861)

Image Size - 14 1/4" x 9 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with nice detail as shown. Slight creasing, a few spots. Please see photos for details.

Oji by Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861)
Oji by Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861)