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Nowaki, Chapter 28
Umegae, Chapter 32
Momiji-no-ga, Chapter 7
Sekiya, Chapter 16
Wakana no ge, Chapter 35
Tokonatsu, Chapter 26
Ukifune, Chapter 51
Sawarabi, Chapter 48
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Fuji Arts carries a fantastic selection of woodblock prints, with a wide array of both classic and unique subject matter. Some of our more classic subjects feature:

  • Samurai, Warriors, and Battles
  • Cherry Blossoms and other Florals
  • Dragons and Serpents
  • Fish
  • Landscapes
  • ...and More!


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Fuji Arts is a unique company where collectors and dealers shop for beautiful Japanese prints that won't break the bank. We offer:

  • Excellent service- always!
  • Over 1,200 woodblock prints to choose from
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  • 3 exciting shopping/bidding options
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Whether you're looking to collect or just to add a Japanese touch to your home, we're confident that you'll find just the right piece with us.

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