Standard Auction Rules and Guidelines
1. Bids are accepted from registered users only and are processed automatically by the Fuji Arts Inc. proxy bidding system. The bid increment is always $1 and bids will be placed automatically by the proxy bidding system to win the item at the lowest possible price for you. Current high bids are displayed. Your proxy bid is secret, known only by you. Click here for an example of how the proxy bidding system works.

2. Bidders may increase the top proxy bid at any time before the auction closes (even if there is no other bidder). You cannot bid against yourself. So, a raise of your proxy bid will not result in a raise of the "current high bid" if you are the current high bidder. It simply raises your maximum bid if you decide to go higher than originally bid on an item.

3. Tie bids result in the first bid submission being designated as the winner.

4. Fuji Arts auctions have a "soft closing". Therefore, no bid sniping occurs. That's why the auction ending is notated as follows; "Auction Ends: 07/08/09 12:34 PM or five minutes after the last bid". This allows all bidders to submit their bids without losing an item to a last second snipe. The auction will close at the "Auction Ends" time or five minutes after the last bid is placed- whichever occurs last.

5. All times referenced in the auctions are in the USA Eastern Time Zone. The Fuji Arts Inc. server clock is the official clock for all Fuji Arts regular auctions.

6. The final price of the item is the high bid price as calculated by the proxy system. There is no "buyer's premium" on Fuji Arts auctions and the total due is the final bid price(s) plus shipping (see shipping info).

7. Winning bidders should make payment within 14 days of the closing of the auction, for both VIP and non-VIP members. Invoices are sent each morning following auctions closing. Please acknowledge receipt of your invoice and indicate your preferred payment method (or simply remit your payment through our checkout) within 24 hours of the receipt of your invoice.

8. Bids are non-retractable and binding as outlined in the Terms of Service, Article 2. Bids are accepted with the understanding that if you win, you will pay in full for the item within 14 days of the auction closing.