Table of Contents from the "100 Views of Edo"

Beautifully colored table of contents for Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series. A terrific print with a blossoming tree and flying bird in the background, lit from behind by a full moon. Lovely color and fine calligraphy.

Nihonbashi, Clearing After Snow

Beautiful Hiroshige early morning print of Edo, the Nihonbashi Bridge, and fishermen coming up the river with their catch fresh for market. The fish market bustles in the bottom of the print while morning traffic crosses the bridge. Edo Castle can be seen in the distance and Fuji rises enormous beyond.


Lovely morning view of Kasumigaseki on the New Year. The rooftops of Edo are shown in the distance, sailboats dot the horizon. Celebrants make their way up the slope and kites fly overhead. Beautiful view from Hiroshige's "100 Famous Views of Edo."

Hibiya and Soto-Sakurada from Yamashita-cho

A fantastic Hiroshige print depicting a festive atmosphere on New Year's Day. In the foreground, two celebrants play battledore and shuttlecock by a moat. Kites fly above the city and Mt. Fuji rises majestically in the distance. Across the moat, running the length of the print Hiroshige illustrates the impressive gate and front wall of a daimyo mansion.

Tsukudajima from Eitai Bridge

Terrific image from Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo. A beautiful print depicting the mouth of the Sumida River towards the Edo Bay. Framed by a post of the Eitai Bridge, fishing boats and their bright cooking fires make for a nice contrast with the serene starry evening.

Ryogoku Ekoin and Moto-Yanagibashi Bridge

Terrific early spring view of the Sumida River and the Moto-Yanagibashi bridge that lies beyond. Cargo ships travel south along the Sumida before dawn, carrying goods to the morning markets. In the foreground, a giant drum tower rises from the temple of Ekoin, the white cloth indicating good weather for the sumo match that was held on the grounds twice every year.

Hatsune Riding Grounds, Bakuro-cho

Spring view of an open square in downtown Edo that was originally a training ground where the shogun's men would practice horse riding. Having outlived this purpose, dyers used the space between the willow trees to hang bolts of cloth, the trees gracefully hanging overhead. A beautiful print with a pleasing curvilinear composition.

Cotton-goods Lane, Odenma-cho

An interesting night view of Edo in the cloth merchant quarter. In the foreground, two geisha in matching outfits set out for an evening destination, a servant following behind. In the background, running in a long row, the shops are closed for business. Two merchants can be seen inside, closing out the store for the day.


A beautiful scene of old Edo and Hiroshige's commentary on the fantastic scenery in the city and its environs. The Surugacho is shown in the foreground with Edo's most famous store, on either side of the avenue. Looking down the road in majestic view of Fuji rising in the distance. An excellent Edo scene.

Yatsukoji, inside Sujikai Gate

A fine Hiroshige print depicting the Yatsukoji or "Eight Streets," a common square inside the Sujikai Gate, which was the junction of many different avenues. Travelers from all parts mingle in the plaza, a daimyo procession crosses the lower left corner of the print. In the distance, beyond the red clouds, the Kanda Myojin Shrine can be seen among trees. A lovely print.

Dawn at Kanda Myojin Shrine

Fantastic "One Hundred Views of Edo" print by Hiroshige. This beautiful print an illustration of the Kanda Myojin as the sun rises over the rooftops of Edo. A beautiful tranquil image showing three shrine visitors standing in the temple grounds watching the sun rising over the horizon. This is a fantastic Hiroshige masterwork and a favorite print from the series. A wonderful design and a nice choice for a collector.

Kiyomizu Hall and Shinobazu Pond at Ueno

Beautiful Hiroshige reprint depicting Kiyomizu Hall in Ueno Park overlooking Shinobazu Pond. The hall, part of a temple complex, is surrounded by cherry blossoms in bloom. Men and women stand above on the veranda and look over the water. Lovely color and fine detail.

Ueno Yamashita

Terrific Hiroshige print of Ueno Yamashita, depicting crows flying overhead - crows were known to gather in great numbers in Ueno. In the background, a shrine can be seen beneath the canopy of trees. A restaurant advertises its food along the roadside. In the foreground, underneath parasols, a group of ladies in waiting travel to a daimyo mansion. Beautiful color and excellent detail in this print.

Shitaya Hirokoji

In this beautiful Hiroshige print, a group of women with matching umbrellas on their way to view cherry blossoms. Men behind carry refreshments for the viewing. To the right, a silk shop and two deliverymen carry packs of goods. Beautiful print depicting day to day life in Edo.

Temple Gardens, Nippori

Lovely view of the blossoming temple grounds of the Sushoin and Myoryuji shrines in Nippori. Visitors to the shrines enjoy the colorful blossoms of the cherry and azaleas in the temple setting. The red leaves of the azalea trees printed in a lovely oxidizing ink in this excellent print. A beautiful print.

Suwa Bluff, Nippori

Visitors to the Suwa Shrine sit and enjoy the open rural view of blossoming cherry trees, rice fields and Tsukuba mountain in the distance. Nippori Village lies down the path, the roofs of the village on the right side. Excellent rural nature print from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo."

Flower Pavilion, Dango Slope, Sendagi

A lovely print depicting the Dango Slope separated by "Genji clouds." The upper portion of the print depicts a deep green-toned pavilion while the lower portion depicts a bright and blossomed pedestrian area. The two contrasts unite to create an interesting composition with fine color and detail.

View to the North from Asukayama

Classic cherry blossom viewing scene, showing groups with picnics enjoying the afternoon and viewing the cherry blossoms. Viewers enjoy sake and relax under parasols. Visible through the haze, Mount Tsukuba rises in the distance.

Oji Inari Shrine

Beautiful Hiroshige print showing the Oji Inari Shrine at dusk, the horizon still red from the setting sun. Men and women visit the shrine from the teahouses below. Mount Tsukuba rises in the distance past the rice paddies that are still empty. Wonderful early spring print.

Dam on the Otonashi River at Oji, Popularly Known as "The Great Waterfall"

A beautiful Hiroshige landscape print depicting the Otonashi River and the dam at Oji, water pouring over the edge. People bathing in the waters of the Otonashi River, possibly visitors to the Oji Gongen Shrine, visible in the distance, above the waterfall.

The Kawaguchi Ferry and Zenkoji Temple

Lovely landscape scene and beautiful image of the Zenkoji Temple nestled in the trees over the Arakawa River in the distance. A beautiful, classic Hiroshige print with workmen poling their craft up the river carrying lumber towards the lumberyard beyond. A few pedestrians strolling along the banks in the foreground. A river ferry crossing towards the near bank with a few passengers. Beautiful color, fine Hiroshige print and a great landscape choice for a collector.

Mount Atago, Shiba

Terrific view of the Atago Shrine in Edo on the third day of the New Year. In the foreground, the man in the elaborate costume holds an enormous rice paddle for the performance of a ceremony. Kites fly in the background and moors can be seen moored beyond. An excellent print with fine color and detail.

Furukawa River, Hiroo

Terrific Hiroshige print depicting the Furukawa River and the rural environs of Edo. Pedestrians cross the Sagamidone Bridge in the foreground and the Hiroo fields are visible beyond. Lovely gradation in the blue of the river. A fine print and an excellent choice for a collector.

Chiyogaike Pond, Meguro

A fantastic image of the bluff overlooking the valley of the Meguro River. Two women in traditional clothing enjoying the rushing waterfall and the small inlet called Chiyo's Pond after a medieval warrior's wife who drowned herself in this place after hearing of her husband's death in battle. Wonderful spring scene with the spring blossoming cherry trees. Classic Hiroshige image, a nice print overall. Great choice for a collector.

New Fuji, Meguro

Fascinating Hiroshige print of a miniature replica of Mt. Fuji built to provide an opportunity for anyone to climb Fuji. This mini-Fuji also provides a spectacular view of the real Mt. Fuji. Beautiful colors and find detail in this historically fascinating reprint.

Original Fuji, Meguro

In this fine print from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series, visitors enjoy the blossoming cherry trees and the spectacular view of Fuji in the distance. The pine covered bluff in the foreground was known for the particularly impressive view of Fuji and was a popular place to visit for Edoites.

Armor-Hanging Pine, Hakkeizaka

A lovely view from Hakkeizaka or "eight views slope," known as such because of the incredible panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. The Tokaido Road can be seen running along the water's edge and Edo Bay beyond. The tree in the foreground was famous as a resting point of the legendary warrior Minamoto Yoshiie, where he hung his armor. Terrific print with excellent color and fine detail.

Plum Garden, Kamata

A terrific view of the plum garden at Kamata during the springtime. Here, Hiroshige's view is an early spring scene with the plum blossoms just beginning to show on the trees in the famous garden. Wonderful print and a great design in the series.

Gotenyama, Shinagawa

Gotenyama was a favorite destination for relaxation in the spring and summertime for Edoites escaping the city. Hiroshige loved this location and was especially fond of depicting the blossoming spring cherry trees at the crest of the hill when they were in full bloom. This was one of Hiroshige's favorite scenes for his landscape prints, the rural location of the edge of the city was especially appealing to him. In this lovely spring view, travelers cross the small bridge over a narrow creek and wander towards the path to enjoy the pink blossoms in full bloom on the crest of the hill.

Moto-Hachiman Shrine, Sunamura

In the light, fresh coloring of this print, Hiroshige has effectively captured the sense of being at the edge of the water. In the far distance to the left, we can see the mouth of the Edogawa River projecting into Edo bay. Along the distant horizon, the mountains of the Chiba peninsula in the foreground. At the lower right, the entrance to the Moto Hachiman shrine framed by spring blossoming cherry trees. Excellent!

Plum Estate, Kameido

Beautiful depiction of the "Sleeping Dragon Plum," the most famous tree in Edo. This unusual tree was famous for the manner in which branches from the trunk would plunge into the earth and reemerge at a distance as new trunks. This tree survived until 1910 when it was killed by a flood. Now all that remains of it is a small roadside marker.

Azuma Shrine and the Entwined Camphor

A beautiful scene at dusk of the Azuma Shrine and Jukkengawa canal. Boats pass through the water, and cherry blossoms line the bank leading towards the shrine and the famed giant split trunk of the "Entwined Camphor". A lovely print with a balance composition, the soft colors create a serene and quiet scene.


Lovely rural Hiroshige print of Yanagishima in the far northeast of Edo. Boats travel through the junction of the two canals and pedestrians make their way across the Willow Bridge to visit Myoken Hall, seen at the far left of the frame. A fine Hiroshige reprint with excellent detail.

Towboats Along the Yotsugi-dori Canal

Unique Hiroshige print of Yotsugi-dori Canal in Edo. Travelers could catch a ride down the canal in boats, that as the print depicts, were pulled by walkers along the canal road. Beautiful color and excellent composition.

Night View of Matsuchiyama and the San'ya Canal

An interesting print with a strong tones of grey and blue. The dark evening sky is lit with stars, Matsuchiyama glowing on the horizon. A geisha with bright tones of red and blue in her kimono creates a strong contrast to the evening scene. A nice print with beautiful colors and tones.

Suijin Shrine and Massaki on the Sumida River

Beautiful view of the Sumida River, cargo ships traveling along the water, and Mt. Tsukuba in the distance. Pedestrians follow a path to the Hashiba Ferry. A beautiful blossoming cherry tree frames the scene. Fine color and excellent detail.

View from Massaki of Suijin Shrine, Uchigawa Inlet, and Sekiya

A unique and terrific view from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series. Taken from the perspective of a teahouse near the Massaki Inari shrine, this print is one of the most striking designs from the series, the circular window framing a fantastic view of the Sumida River. A branch of a blossoming plum tree stretches past the window while boatmen navigate the waters of the Sumida. An absolutely fantastic design and a very rare find.

Tile Kilns and Hasiba Ferry, Sumida River

A view of the Sumida river with smoke rising in the foreground from kilns used to fire tiles and small ceramic objects. A strong blue pervades the center and top portions of the print creating a balanced and pleasing composition. The smoke rises from a dark grey to white, furthering a sense of motion across the scene, fine color and detail.

Dawn Inside the Yoshiwara

A fantastic, high quality old reprint of Hiroshige's famous Yoshiwara scene from the 100 Edo series. In the book, 'One Hundred Famous Views of Edo' by Braziller, he calls this "one of the most beautifully executed prints of the entire series." A cold spring morning in the Yoshiwara, the cherry blossoms blooming. Just a hint of the sun becoming visible at the end of the street. In this magic moment, just as the sun begins to peek above the horizon, the traditional buildings of the Yoshiwara illuminated in Hiroshige's fantastic design. This wonderful old woodblock with its lovely sense of age would be assumed original by all but a few experts in the field. A great old piece.

Distant View of Kinryuzan Temple and Azuma Bridge

A rare and incredible design from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series. Across the prow of a pleasure boat on the Sumida River, Hiroshige depicts a fabulous view of the city, the Azuma Bridge to the left, the tower of the Kinryuzan Temple to the right and Fuji rising magnificent beyond. Cherry petals fall across the foreground on a gust of wind - terrific.

Basho's Hermitage and Camellia Hill on the Kanda Aqueduct at Sekiguchi

A wonderful landscape view from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo." Pedestrians travel along pathways next to the Kanda Aqueduct, one of the oldest water canals in Edo. On the right, the famous Camellia Hill and Basho's Hermitage, named after a famous poet who lived in the area. Cherry trees bloom along the hillside and pine trees tower above - a lovely print.

Ichigaya Hachiman Shrine

An excellent depiction of the Ichigaya Hachiman Shrine from the moat of Edo Castle. The shrine itself rises on the hillside above, while tea houses and shops line the road leading up to it. An excellent print from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series and a good choice for a collector.

Blossoms on the Tama River Embankment

Lovely Hiroshige view of the blooming cherry trees along the Tama River in springtime. Pedestrians mill about on the banks, enjoying the view along the river in the early evening. Terrific print from Hiroshige's "100 Famous Views of Edo" series.

Nihonbashi Bridge and Edobashi Bridge

An innovative and excellent design from the series displaying some of the unique design characteristics of the 100 Edo series. In the foreground, the viewer is on the Nihonbashi Bridge with a bucket of fish belonging to the fish peddler, visible in the lower right. Over the broad expanse beyond the bridge, rooftops of the city in this prosperous area stretch out to the horizon. The sun is rising in the distance on this balmy summer morning. An excellent design.

View of Nihonbashi Tori 1-chome

A striking scene of bustling Edo in the hot summer sun. Women dressed in finely-colored kimono take shade below their parasols. A finely detailed print of a lively scene, a richly detailed parasol and kimono in the foreground. With nice color and fine detail accent this lovely composition.

Yatsumi Bridge

Lovely view from the bustling Yatsumi Bridge in Edo, one of the busiest bridges in the city in Hiroshige's time. Boatmen pole rafts down the river and a willow tree hangs across the foreground of the print. Two birds fly through the scene and Fuji rises in the distance. A fantastic print with fine color and excellent detail.

Yoroi Ferry, Koami-cho

A fine scene of the Nihonbashi River with a view of the Yoroi Ferry full of passengers. Bright tones of blue and yellow dominate the composition as swallows flit across the sky and lend a feeling of motion to the print. A finely dressed woman with a detailed kimono stands in the foreground; a nice print with fine detail.

Seido and Kanda River from Shohei Bridge

A pleasant summer print showing a steady rain along the Kanda River. Boatmen covered by straw rain capes move their cargo along the river as pedestrians walk up the hill. Beautiful colors in the great reprint.

Suido Bridge and Surugadai

A terrific print from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" and one of the most striking images in the series, depicting the Boy's Festival in Edo. In the foreground, a massive carp banner occupies almost the entire frame. In the background, two more such banners can be seen fluttering over Edo. The banners raised at houses celebrated a boy of the house turning six or seven.

Fudo Falls, Oji

Fantastic Hiroshige print depicting the Fudo Falls in Oji. The waterfall was associated with the Buddhist deity Fudo, often shown wreathed in flame and holding a sword. The waters were said to have healing powers - two old men can be seen taking a dip in this print. Terrific use of the vertical format in this print.

Kumano Junisha Shrine, Tsunohazu

A fine view of the Kumano Shrine and the nearby pine, the roof of the shrine seen in the lower right corner. Tea stalls are set up along the water side and visitors can be seen on the far side of the lake, under the pines. A lovely print.

Sanno Festival Procession at Kojimachi 1-chome

Terrific Hiroshige print depicting the Sanno Festival procession entering the castle grounds through the Hanzo Gate, the Benkei Moat in the foreground. The Senno Festival procession consisted of over 50 lavish floats, paid for by the members of the procession. In the foreground, a float of Odenma-cho towers over the procession nearby. Fantastic, dramatic print subject.

Akasaka Kiribatake

Lovely view of the Akasaka Kiribatake, a stretch of land along the south shore of the Takeike, the waterway depicted here. Two paulownia trees grow in the foreground and the Buddhist temples of the Sanno Shrine are seen across the water.

Zojoji Pagoda and Akabane

A terrific landscape print by Hiroshige from his "100 Views of Edo" series depicting a pagoda at Zojoji in the foreground. The pagoda shown in this print was part of the tomb of a shogun. Beyond, the Akabane Bridge stretches between the banks of the Furukawa River. The fašade of a daimyo mansion runs along the far riverbank and a fire tower rises on the horizon. Beautiful Hiroshige print that would make an excellent display.

Benkei Moat from Soto-Sakurada to Kojimachi

A dramatic view of Benkei Moat with very fine color and detail. The gentle curve of the blue water stands in contrast to the sloping hills and richly toned trees. A nice print with a lovely composition.

Sumiyoshi Festival, Tsukudajima

Fantastic, dramatic Hiroshige print from his "100 Views of Edo" series depicting the Sumiyoshi Festival on Tsukudajima Island. In the foreground, a banner celebrates the shrine deity. In the background, young men carry a sacred palanquin through the shallow water at the shore. A beautiful print with fine color and excellent detail.

Mannen Bridge, Fukagawa

A terrific composition from Hiroshige's masterwork "100 Views of Edo" series. A turtle dangling over a bucket on the Mannen Bridge with a view of the river and Fuji rising beyond. This unusual composition was an illustration of an Edo custom where vendors of eels, carp and turtle offered their wares on the bridges to be purchased by a pedestrian and released into the water in hopes of bringing good karma. The turtle dangling fro the rope seems wholly relaxed as he contemplates the water where he'll soon be released. An interesting Hiroshige design contrasting the confined space of the turtle with the beautiful, expansive landscape beyond. A favorite from the series and a rare Hiroshige original to collector. If you've always wanted to own one of the famous images from the "100 Views of Edo series," this is a great opportunity to buy one affordably. Bid now, you just won't find another at this incredible price!

Mitsumata Wakarenofuchi

Here we look southwest over the widest stretch of the Sumida River, set against a striking view of Mt. Fuji in the distance. The vantage point is from the east bank of the river, a bit above Mannen Bridge. To the left in the distance is a man-made island largely given over to daimyo mansions -- the perfect location for the security needed among the daimyo.

Sudden Shower at Atake

This is an incredible Japanese woodblock printing of one of Hiroshige's most famous subjects. Fantastic old print of one of the most fantastic woodblock images of all time. Hiroshige's masterwork "Sudden Shower at Atake" is considered by many to be the best design in his fantastic 100 Views of Edo series. The viewer can almost hear the crack of thunder and feel the hard rain on this summer day in Edo. Six travelers cross the arc of the New Great Bridge and are caught in the surprise downpour. Beautiful old print with fine color and detail. If you have always wanted to own a wonderful Hiroshige print, this old piece is a great choice.

Ryogoku Bridge and the Great Riverbank

Great, overhead view of Ryogoku Bridge in summer. Cargo boats pass underneath along the Sumida river as pedestrians walk along the bridge. Beautiful colors, excellent detail.

Asakusa River, Great Riverbank, Miyato River

A fantastic view from the Ryogoku Bridge in the summer. In the foreground, just visible, are the heads of Mount Oyama pilgrims, packing the bridge. Prior to their journey to the sacred mountain, they ritually cleansed themselves in the Sumida River. The celebratory decorations of the ritual visible in the foreground. The streamers printed in a lovely oxidizing ink. A terrific, dramatic print and an excellent example of Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series.

Pine of Success and Oumayagashi, Asakusa River

Lovely Hiroshige depiction of the Sumida River, the Oumayagashi Ferry and the Pine of Success. Beneath the boughs of the pine tree in the foreground, a pleasureboat is already out on the river to enjoy the evening cool and the setting sun on the horizon. A beautiful reprint with excellent color and fine detail.

Komakata Hall and Azuma Bridge

Another tranquil view of the Sumida River, long cargo boats poling past the Azuma Bridge. A small cuckoo flies through the top of the print and the red flag indicates a cosmetics dealer. Great print.

Ayase River and Kanegafuchi

A beautiful, rural scene from Hiroshige's Edo series. This lovely scene depicts the Sumida River at the point where the Ayase flows into the Sumida. A beautiful and isolated site known for the planting of silk trees. Hiroshige has framed this lovely rural scene with a silk tree in the foreground, pink blossoms flowers at the tips of the branches. A wonderful, tranquil image with a lone boatman poling a simply craft on the river, used for carrying small bits of cargo up and down during Hiroshige's time. Fantastic original print, wonderful opportunity to collect from the 100 Edo series. Nice choice for a collector or as a sophisticated original Hiroshige to display on the wall.

Horikiri Iris Garden

Beautiful, close-up views of irises near the swampy farm community of Horikiri. The gardeners of Horikiri grew all types of flowers, but they were famous for their irises. Excellent detail in this flower print. An incredible design and extremely rare reprint. Bid now on this excellent Hiroshige subject.

Inside Kameido Tenjin Shrine

An absolutely fantastic print from Hiroshige's 100 Views of Edo. A wonderful view of the shrine and its spectacular garden with wisteria and a pond. This fantastic site in old Edo attracted many visitors. The print depicts the beautiful arch of the bridge shrine seen straight on and the falling wisteria dropping into the scene. Excellent print from the series and a wonderful Hiroshige masterwork.

Spiral Hall, Five Hundred Rakan Temple

Together with the people on the balcony, we gaze out over the bright green fields on the far eastern fringe of Edo. This balcony on the Five Hundred Rakan Temple was famous for its panoramic view of the distant environs of the city. A lovely summer view, and classic Edo scene, this was a favorite location of Hiroshige and it is said that he often took day trips to this temple site. Beautiful!

Sakasai Ferry

Tranquil view of the Nakagawa River and the settlement of Shinmachi along its banks. Egrets feed in the reeds along the edge of the river as boats pole towards the Shinmachi landing. The egrets with fine embossed detail along their wings.

Open Garden at Fukagawa Hachiman Shrine

A beautiful, and brightly colored print showing one of the most famous temple gardens of the Edo. A beautiful springtime scene showing the rich red blossoming azaleas and cherry trees in full bloom. Hiroshige's lovely, classic Japanese garden scene is an excellent choice in the series.

Hall of Thirty-Three Bays, Fukagawa

This large, impressive hall was built during the Edo period to encourage the martial arts. This is an archery hall and on the far side of the building archery practice and tournaments were often seen. Hiroshige's design is especially interesting. The long narrow slice of building diagonally through the print is an allusion to a shooting arrow. Great piece!

Nakagawa River Mouth

These two canals, meeting at the river mouth were dug during the era of Tokugawa Ieyasu to facilitate the transport of cargo into the city. However, such easy movement also provided a quick way for enemies to enter the city. Thus, in the lower left corner, just barely visible are the roofs of a bakufu guard station. These guards are tasked with the responsibility to make sure that only approved Edoites passed up and down these canals. A great scene from old Edo period.

Scattered Pines, Tone River

Wonderful print, freezing a moment in time as a fisherman casts his net over the Tone River and as egrets dive towards the river. Incredible detail in the fishing net that hangs mid air in the print. Other fishermen are seen along the river in the background, hauling their nets into their boats.

Haneda Ferry and Benten Shrine

A unique and creative Hiroshige perspective depicting the view from Haneda Ferry. The arms and leg of a ferryboat operator crossing the foreground, the Benten shrine in the background, fishing boats moored among the reeds. The edge of a parasol visible in the lower right corner, a passenger leaving Benten Shrine.

The City of Flourishing, Tanabata Festival

Vibrant and beautiful view of Edo during the Tanabata Festival. Decorated bamboo branches are lashed to rooftops and decorated with slips of paper with poems on them. In the center of the print, beyond the decorated rooftops of Edo, Fuji rises gray and impassive in sharp contrast to the bright, lively colors in this print.

Silk-goods Lane, Odenma-cho

Terrific depiction of the Odenma-cho district in Edo. In the left side of the print, the storefront of the Daimaru, a great dry goods dealer. To the right, a procession of carpenters marches back from an opening ceremony of a new building. Wonderful depiction of daily life in Edo with vibrant colors and excellent detail.

Dyers' Quarter, Kanda

Lovely Fuji view print from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series. In the foreground, long strips of freshly dyed cotton dry in the open air. Fuji rises majestically beyond. Beautiful colors in this fantastic Hiroshige reprint.

Bamboo Yards, Kyobashi Bridge

A beautiful, serene night scene showing the bamboo yards near the Kyobashi bridge in Hiroshige's time. Fantastic image of the standing bamboo forming a dark wall in the glow of the moonlight. Beautiful 100 Edo print that would make an excellent display in any room.

Inari Bridge and Minato Shrine, Teppozu

Traveling down the Kyobashi River in Edo one comes across this particular place, which was a critical junction in the waterways of the city. This marks the spot where the large sailing ships from western Japan were anchored and their cargo was transferred into small boats for distribution to the many storehouses that lined the canals of the city. With this scene in mind, Hiroshige offers us a view of this beautiful place through two large sailing ship masts. Beyond see the buildings of the city and Fuji rising in the distance. The sun is setting on the horizon. An excellent print, and knockout image from the 100 Edo series.

Teppozu and Tsukiji Honganji Temple

A fantastic in Edo view and beautiful wood block landscape image by artist Hiroshige. This lovely scene depicting the Edo branch of the Honganji Temple as seen from across the river. In the classic layout style of his series, Hiroshige has juxtaposed the two large white sails from small sailing boats in the extreme foreground with the open water and temple roof behind. A lovely traditional Edo scene and great piece for display or to collect.

Shiba Shinmei Shrine and Zojoji Temple

A lovely Hiroshige print depicting the gates of the Zojoji Temple and a group of rural tourists having just left. A group of novice priests walks behind and the distinctive rooftops of the Shiba Shinmei Shrine can be seen to the right.

Kanasugi Bridge and Shibaura

Terrific Hiroshige landscape print depicting the Kanasugi Bridge over the Furukawa River, the Shiba Coast beyond. In the foreground, a procession of Nichiren believers crosses the Kanasugi Bridge at the start of a pilgrimage to a holy place. Boats on the water off the coast. Lovely Hiroshige print.

Ushimachi, Takanawa

Fantastic "100 Views of Edo" design depicting the Edo bay from the road near Takanawa Gate. The wheel and handles of an ox cart dominate the foreground, two puppies play nearby. A rainbow rises over the bay and boats are moored in the waters. Lovely Hiroshige print with fine color and excellent detail.

Moon-Viewing Point

A beautiful Hiroshige print and a personal favorite depicting a night view of Edo bay, the full moon high in the sky, a flock of geese passing before it. Dark cargo ships are moored for the night. In the foreground, the remnants of a night of entertainment litter the room, empty sake flasks and chopsticks on the veranda. To the left, the silhouette of a courtesan, her hair pinned high, the back of her kimono just visible past the sliding door. Lovely and unique design by Hiroshige.

Shinagawa Susaki

Terrific view of Edo Bay, cargo ships and small fishing craft navigating the waters. The small shrine nestled among the pines is the Susaki Shrine, the shrine land demarcated by the bright red torii. Torimi Bridge is shown in the lower right, spanning Meguro River. An excellent print with lovely color and fine detail.

Grandpa's Teahouse, Meguro

Fantastic Hiroshige landscape depicting a bluff looking out over the land and to Fuji rising in the distance. At the base of the hill, a small teahouse, known as Grandpa's Teahouse is open for business. The teahouse became famous when it was visited by a shogun during a hunt.

Kinokuni Hill and Distant View of Akasaka Tameike

A daimyo procession marches up the path on Kinokuni Hill, the procession leader balancing a standard in his palm in this terrific print from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series. The city lies beyond, rooftops spreading out towards the horizon, a firetower visible in the distance. Terrific color and excellent detail in this fine print.

Naito Shinjuku, Yotsuya

A fantastic and wonderful Hiroshige print depicting Shinjuku, a stop along the Koshu Highway. Terrific and unique perspective in this print, the legs of a horse dominating the right half of the print, the buildings of Shinjuku shown in the distance. A very interesting example of Hiroshige's experimentation with different points of view - an excellent print.

Benten Shrine, Inokashira Pond

Serene, peaceful view of Benten Shrine and the surrounding landscape of Inokashira Pond. The shrine seen in the lower right corner, visitors crossing the small bridge. Herons fly over the pond, thick bunches of reeds growing in the shallows. An excellent design with lovely color and fine detail.

Takinogawa, Oji

A wonderful view of the Shakujii River as it passes through the Oji District. The great attraction of this stretch of river was the autumnal display of maple trees. Hiroshige's beautiful print depicts this area at exactly that time of peak color. The maple trees along the banks now in an orange brown tone, indicating autumn. A quaint small waterfall dropping from a high peak with a bather bathing underneath. Others in the water fishing, pedestrians strolling over the small wooden foot bridge. A lovely Hiroshige genre scene from 19th century Edo.

Moon Pine, Ueno

An excellent and unique perspective in this Hiroshige print depicting Shinobazu pond through the looping branch of the Moon Pine. Benten Shrine is shown in the lower right corner and on the far shore, three fire towers rise above the city. A beautiful print with excellent color and fine detail.

Night View of Saruwaka-machi

A beautiful print of Hiroshige's Saruwaka Night View in the summertime. The scene illuminated by a full moon in the glowing blue sky. Visitors on the street being greeted by merchants, restaurateurs and peddlers. Beautiful Edo print.

Inside Akiba Shrine, Ukeji

A beautiful autumn scene at the lovely Akiba Shrine outside Edo. This fantastic old shrine was a favorite location of the Edo elite and was fortunate to have a very wealthy patronage. Thus the gardens were vast and beautifully maintained. A lovely natural scene of the shrine area with the leaves changing in the fall over the pond.

Mokuboji Temple, Uchigawa Inlet, Gozensaihata

Beautiful Hiroshige print depicting the Uchigawa inlet off the Sumida River. In the foreground, two beauties disembark to dine at the restaurant seen in the right of the print, pines trees growing nearby. This restaurant was part of the Mokuboji Temple complex. Lovely print.

Niijuku Ferry

A beautiful view from the outskirts of Edo depicting the Niikuju Ferry station, which was one of the major ferry crossings leading out of Edo. A beautiful, light summer scene with pedestrians wandering in the ferry station and visiting the small teahouse in the left. Lovely old genre scene from old Edo.

Maple Trees at Mama, Tekona Shrine and Linked Bridge

Lovely Hiroshige view of the Tekona Shrine in the distance. Maple branches cross the foreground, their leaves turning shades of red in the autumn. Lovely colors and excellent detail in this great Hiroshige reprint.

View of Konodai and the Tone River

The huge cliff, often referred to as the provincial capital bluff, provided a regional military center in early times as it was easily defended. Here, the lovely scene and huge cliff green in the autumn, maple leaves transitioning to fall colors and three figures on the cliff enjoying the incredible view of Fuji in the distance. Even today, standing at this point in Tokyo one gets a beautiful view of the mountain rising majestically beyond the river.

Horie and Nekozane

An attractive print of Edo bay with two small villages separated by the Sakaigawa channel. A nicely detailed composition with nice variation in color; Fuji stands along the horizon creating a sense of perception and depth.

Five Pines, Onagi Canal

A beautiful Edo view of one of the famous pine trees depicted in the series. The beautiful old tree, only a single branch seen on the left, has been carefully supported by three large poles. A lovely early evening on the canal with passengers on a ferryboat heading towards downtown Edo. The sun setting in the distance gives this print, a soft, rich glow. A beautiful choice for display.

Fireworks at Ryogoku

During the hot summer months, residents of Edo would often take to the Sumida River in pleasure boats to enjoy the cool air off the river. The Ryogoku Bridge was a center of evening entertainments. In this beautiful evening view, pedestrians along the bridge and boaters watch a spectacular fireworks display over the river. Beautiful, fantastic print subject, a stunning display. Hiroshige's wonderful Ryogoku fireworks is one of the most sought after prints of the series. This reprint is an exceptionally rare find. Bid now!

Kinryuzan Temple, Asakusa

Beautiful winter scene at the Kinryuzan Temple as snow drifts down onto rooftops and umbrellas. Red temple walls bright and beautiful against the white of the snow. Fabulous detail in the individual snow flakes. Asakusa is one of the great prints from this series. A wonderful opportunity to collect a rare reprint from this fine old collection - bid now!

Nihon Embankment, Yoshiwara

A lovely scene of the Nihon Embankment at dusk with fine colors across the composition. Geese cross the evening sky in formation creating a sense of movement across the print. A light tone of purple across the horizon with separates the sky from the land, a nice choice for a collector.

Asakusa Ricefields and Torinomachi Festival

Charming Hiroshige print depicting the view of the Asakusa ricefields from a courtesan's quarters. A cat rests on the window sill and the sun sets beyond Fuji in the distance. Terrific piece and an excellent example from Hiroshige's "100 Views of Edo" series.

Minowa, Kanasugi, Mikawashima

Beautiful Hiroshige print of herons in the early evening near Mikawashima. The horizon glows red from the setting sun and a laborer walks home, balancing a load on his shoulder. Lovely embossed detail on the feathers of the herons.

Senju Great Bridge

A nice view of the Senju Great Brige over the Arakawa River. A finely colored print with the Nikko mountain range standing on the horizon. Boats pass calmly through the river with travelers above on the bridge. A nice scene with fine detail and color.

Koume Embankment

Tranquil village scene on a bright winter day. The Yotsugi-dori canal runs deeps and blue through the print. The uneventful landscape and the easy pace of pedestrians suggest a peaceful, ideal evening. Beautiful print.


A quiet evening scene on the west bank of the Sumida river. The dark trunk and leaves of a nearby evergreen tree hang into the scene with the light grey evening sky hanging overhead. A quiet and almost contemplative scene with fine coloring, a nice choice for display.

Fukagawa Lumberyards

Great winter scene depicting the Fukagawa Lumberyards cloaked in a fresh layer of snow. Two loggers work along the deep blue of the river, sharp against the fresh white snow. Beautiful, tranquil print with excellent composition.

Fukagawa Susaki and Jumantsubo

An incredible Hiroshige masterwork and fantastic image from the One Hundred Views of Edo. This beautiful print showing an eagle hunting over the barren plain at Suzaki in the wintertime. Terrific Japanese woodblock print design and one of the true 19th century masterworks. This print is a very rare find in an original or reprint. Hiroshige's incredible image of the soaring eagle is a fantastic example of one of his great masterworks. Very rare to find in a reprint. If you've always wanted to own this excellent Hiroshige piece, bid now.

View of Shiba Coast

One of the earliest prints created for this series, it foretells of the distinct qualities that made the One Hundred Views of Edo series among the most collectable. Hiroshige creates obvious planes of separation, with mountains in the background and finely detailed gulls in the foreground. A finely colored print with rich tones of blue and green, a light pink separates the land from the sky. A beautiful print and a fine choice for a collector.

Minami-Shinagawa and Samezu Coast

Terrific view of Samezu Coast along Edo bay, Tsukuba Mountain rises on the horizon. In the distance, fishing boats work the coast and out into the bay. In the foreground, in small boats in the shallow water, women harvest seaweed from long sticks that the seaweed was cultivated on. A lovely print and an excellent choice for a collector.

Robe-Hanging Pine, Senzoku Pond

Beautiful print of the deep blue Senzoku Pond and the famous Robe-Hanging Pine on its banks. The pine gained this name because of the priest Nichiren, who it was said stopped by the pond and hung his robe on the pine.

Meguro Drum Bridge and Sunset Hill

Another beautiful Hiroshige winter scene, the entire landscape covered in snow. Beautiful blue water, excellent detail in the falling flakes and wonderful composition in this silent landscape scene.

Atagoshita and Yabu Lane

Strange and wonderful Hiroshige winter scene. The landscape is covered in a layer of snow, but the composition of the print is surprisingly lively. The bright green of leaves is peeking out from underneath the snow and birds flutter in the foreground. Wonderful counterpoint to the typically subdued winter snow scenes.

Aoi Slope, Outside Toranomon Gate

A terrific Hiroshige nighttime scene, depicting a winter evening in Edo. The horizon is still glowing from the setting sun and stars have just appeared in the night sky. Geeze fly across the moon and pedestrians make their ways home on the chilly evening. In the foreground, two apprentices return from customary winter visits to bathe in icy water at temples, where they would pray to improve their skills. A fine Hiroshige reiprint with excellent color and fine detail.

Bikuni Bridge in Snow

Departing from the beautiful, famous sites of Edo, this print Hiroshige depicts a disreputable sort of place. The Bikuni Bridge area was known to be a dirty, somewhat dangerous place in Edo. On either side of the pathway we see two favorite foods enjoyed in wintertime in Edo period to the right, as a small stall offering roasted yams and on the left, a stand selling roasted chestnuts. Both, still winter favorites in Tokyo today. A lovely snow scene.

Takata Riding Grounds

Lovely view of the Takata Riding Grounds, a large archery target in front of a tree in the foreground, archers taking aim to the right. Two horsemen race around the surrounding track. Beyond pines and rice fields, Fuji rises in the distance - terrific.

Sugatami Bridge, Omokage Bridge, and Jariba at Takata

Terrific rural view of the Omokage Bridge and the Hikawa rice fields beyond during winter. In the foreground, the earth covered Omokage Bridge arches over the Kanda aqueduct. Lovely color and detail in this excellent example from Hiroshige's "100 Edo" series.

Hilltop View, Yushima Tenjin Shrine

Lovely winter scene, looking over snow-covered rooftops and Shinobazu Pond. This spot was famous for its view to the north and east. Beautiful colors in this terrific landscape.

New Year's Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Oji

One of the most evocative Japanese woodblock prints of all time and a Hiroshige masterwork. This incredible image depicts the legend of the foxfires gathering around the nettle tree on New Year's Eve. Beautiful night scene with the captivating image of the foxes gathered at the base of the tree. The print colored in rich blue tones illuminated by the glow of the foxfires. This terrific Hiroshige print is a collector's favorite and a rare find in a woodblock reprint.

Night Rain at Akasaka Kiribatake

Lovely print by Hiroshige of an evening rain at Akasaka. Pedestrians make their way through the rain in the foreground, silhouettes of travelers visible through the rain in the background. Terrific design.