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Rain at Ushibori, 1929
Futatsu Hall at Nikko (Nikko Futatsudo), 1929
Hama-cho River Bank (Hamachogashi), 1925
Snow at Shinkyo Bridge, Nikko, 1930
Moonlit Night at Kawagishi, 1924
Evening at Soemoncho, Osaka, 1933
Futatsu Hall at Nikko (Nikko Futatsudo), 1929
Shiba Great Gate (Shiba Daimon), 1926
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Kawase Hasui (1883 - 1957)

Kawase Hasui (1883 - 1957)

Born in Tokyo in 1883, this great master of the twentieth-century shin hanga (new prints) school spent most of his adult life as a woodblock printmaker. Unlike earlier ukiyo-e artists whose landscapes typically featured famous sites, Hasui was one of the first artists to record the unknown rural places and urban corners that he found so captivating. He traveled often and recorded the scenic wonders of Japan with drawings and watercolor paintings, which became the basis for many of his prints.

In the face of rapid modernization during the twentieth century, Hasui's prints evoke a sense of nostalgia for old Japan and a respect for traditional culture. His romanticized views emphasize the beauty of the natural landscape; figures are absent or often small and insignificant in comparison. His talent for capturing a mood, illustrating a scene, and drawing the viewer into the image makes for some of the most appealing Japanese woodblocks ever created. Hasui was known for his spectacular snow, rain and night scenes. These wonderful atmospheric landscapes are among his best work.

A prolific artist, Hasui created about six hundred woodblock print designs during his long career, the majority of them for publisher Watanabe Shozaburo. In 1953 the Japanese government bestowed its greatest artistic honor on him by commissioning a print, Snow at Zozoji Temple, and designating it as an Intangible Cultural Treasure.

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Works by this Artist

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Benten Pond, Shiba, 1929 Yamano Tera, Sendai 1933 Snowy Kiyomizudo, Ueno, 1929
Full Moon at Arakawa River, 1929 Snow at Itsukushima, 1932 Heirinji Temple at Nobidome, Tokyo, 1952
Snow at Hiei Shrine, 1931 Evening at the Kintaibashi in Spring, 1947 Kasuga Shrine, Nara, 1933
Early Morning at Okayama Castle, 1937 Amakusa Honryo, 1937 Eitaibashi Bridge, 1937
Full Moon Over Magome, 1931 Evening at Itako, 1930 Evening of Omori Seaside, 1930
Nezu Gongen no Yuki, 1931 Zentsuji Temple in Rain, 1937 Tagonourabashi, 1930
Snow at Shiba Park, 1931 Moon at Nakanoshima, Sapporo, 1933 Snow at Yagumo Bridge, Nagata Shrine, Kobe, 1934
Rainy Season at Ryoshimachi, Shinegawa, 1931 Zojoji Temple in Snow, 1929 Senju Waterfall, Akame, 1951
Spring Rain at Sakurada Gate, Tokyo Saishoin Temple in Snow, Hirosaki, 1936 Snow at Ueno, Toshogu Shrine, 1929
Nikko Chuzenji Lake, 1930 Night at Hasedera Temple, 1950 Snowstorm at Hataori, Shiobara, 1946
Night at Hommonji Temple, 1954 Spring Night at Inokashira, 1930 Night Rain At Kawarako, Ibaraki, 1947
Snowfall at Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, 1950 Kumamoto Castle in Samidare (Rain in May), 1948 Rainy Night at Maekawa, 1932
Cherry Blossoms and Moon at Matsuyama Castle, 1953 Ginkakuji Temple in Snow, 1951 Night Scene at Miyajima, 1947
Nanzenji Temple in Autumn, 1951 An Avenue at Nikko, 1930 Mt. Fuji Seen from Oshino, 1942
Moonlight at Sanzenin Shrine, Kyoto, 1949 Autumn at Saruiwa, Shiobara, 1949 Mt. Fuji Seen From Tagonoura in the Evening, 1940
Tengu Rock, 1950 Twilight at Ushibori, 1930 Daigo Denpo Temple, Kyoto, 1950
Shuzenji no Ame, 1933 Cherries at Night in Koganei, 1935 Agatsuma Gorge, 1943
Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, 1933 Mt. Fuji in Moonlight, Kawaibashi, 1947 Night Scene at Sengakuji, 1931
Onshi Park, Shiba, 1937 Moonrise at Futago Island, Matsushima, 1933 Snowstorm at Mukojima, 1931
Snow at Heian Shrine, Kyoto, 1948 Yakushiji Temple, Nara, 1951 Field of Toyama, 1931
Tago Bay, 1932 Edo River, 1932 Yotsuyamitsuke, 1932
Ninomaya Beach, 1932 Kiyomizu Temple, 1932 Ara River, 1932
Rain at Shinobazu Pond, 1929 Konjikido in Snow, Hiraizumi Hommonji Temple in Snow, 1931
Banyu River, 1931 Evening Snow at Hououdou, 1951 Snow at Benten Shrine Entrance, Inokashira, 1929
Rain by Lakeside, Matsue ,1932 Miyajima in Snow, 1929 Nikko Shinkyo, 1953
Night Rain at Nissaka, 1942 Night Rain at Omiya, 1930 Sakurada Gate, Tokyo, 1928
Snow at Shiba Daimon, 1936 Snow at Shinkyo Bridge, Nikko, 1930 Night Scene at Soemoncho, Osaka
Kansagu Shrine, Lake Tazawa, 1927 Lingering Snow in Urayasu, 1932 Rain at Ushibori, 1929


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